myNEWS Cares is our corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform. We believe in giving back to the community, and in building an ethical and sustainable business. Touching lives in our day-to-day work, we strive to add a little heart into that – to operate with a touch of humanity. Our efforts focus on 3 key pillars: youth development, special needs support, and eco practices.

myNEWS Cares for our youth and their education. To date, our initiatives include contributions to Shelter Home for Children, Christmas toys for Fungates Superflow Foundation, and sponsoring BROS water bottles for children with HOPE Worldwide Malaysia. In 2018, we initiated Allowances That Allow, which channels the loose change collected in our outlets’ donation boxes to underprivileged students.

myNEWS sponsoring toys to Fungates Superflow Foundation in “Joy in a Toy” Christmas celebration for underprivileged children

myNEWS sponsoring TARUC 1st Inter-Varsity and Secondary School Xiangqi Open 2017

Presenting Allowances That Allow to students at various schools across the country

myNEWS Cares for our elderly and people with special needs. We have a couple of interesting projects in the works, so do check back later!
myNEWS Cares for the environment. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint through daily practices. At our corporate office, we switch off lights and air-conditioners at appropriate times, use hand-dryers in place of paper towels, and install energy-saving LED bulbs. Carton boxes are recycled at our distribution centre, and we are collaborating with experts to implement recycling projects. At our outlets, we promote a “no plastic bag” practice and encourage reusable tote bags.

Hand dryer usage

Recycling project

Energy conservation

“No plastic bag” campaign

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