myNEWS recognises the importance of giving back to the society, whether to have direct or indirect impact. We believe in cultivating the values of a good corporate citizen in myNEWS to build an ethical and a sustainable business. We are devoted to provide a sustainable platform to all our stakeholders by providing economic, social and environmental contributions. In myNEWS, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework focuses on 4 key pillars, which include marketplace, workplace, community, and environment.

myNEWS emphasises on integrity when we manage our business and relationship with our employees, customers, business partners, and stakeholders. We always ensure our business is done in an ethical and sustainable manner. We have an explicit corporate governance structure in place and we promote transparency in all the businesses we do. Codes of practices are in place to ensure best practices in the company. We treat our customers with integrity and provide them with the best shopping experience. Upholding integrity and ensuring best customer service are the keys to maintaining the company’s reputation. In addition, myNEWS team often takes part in corporate events to uphold our partnership with the business partners as well as any other corporates’ stakeholders. We collaborate with local universities and colleges as advisory panels to serve as a platform to share our expertise in related industries.

Team myNEWS participating in Bursa Bull Charge 2017

myNEWS sponsoring TARUC 1st Inter-Varsity and Secondary School Xiangqi Open 2017

myNEWS sponsoring in Toyota Gazoo Race 2017

myNEWS is concerned with how the business supports, engages and motivates our employees. We promote work life balance, employee health wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, training and development, as well as career growth. We are committed to provide a conducive working environment for our people. myNEWS recognises every talent and promotion takes place regardless of any gender, ethnicity or nationality. Trainings are provided to our employees to strengthen their skills. For instance, operations employees will be given system trainings to ensure they are well-equipped with job knowledge when they are placed as the front liners in our business. On-the-job training is provided to reassure the employees acquire the skills needed to perform their daily job functions. Continuous coaching and guidance provide the employees a channel to stay connected, learn and grow within the company. myNEWS collaborates with multiple tertiary educational institutions to offer employment opportunities to graduates. School leavers from technical schools are also part of our team in myNEWS family.

Experienced trainer demonstrating operating system of POS system

Operations employees attending system training

On-the-job training provided to employees

myNEWS is committed to bring positive impacts to the communities that we serve. We support community projects to improve lives of those who are less fortunate and those who are in need, financially or benefits in kind. Nonetheless, staff are always encouraged to participate in community activities. We strive to improve the living conditions of the community and strongly believe education has be provided to everyone despite their race, gender, or age. myNEWS participates in project development and implementation, fund raising events, initiatives and activities that empower the communities. For instance, myNEWS contributed to Shelter Home for Children to ensure the children can receive the education they deserved. We also contributed toys to Fungates Superflow Foundation for their Christmas celebration event so that the underprivileged children were able to celebrate this joyous season with their peers. In order to support children from urban poor families for their new school semester, myNEWS sponsored customized BROS water bottles to this group of children under HOPE Worldwide Malaysia’s MY Reading Program and Creative Art Program. We continuously work closely with societies, organizations and NGOs, to ensure our contribution and efforts can benefit the needy. In addition, employees at myNEWS are always given the opportunities to join the sport and recreation activities to maintain a healthy work life balance.

myNEWS sponsoring in 2017 Love Run 2.0

myNEWS sponsoring toys to Fungates Superflow Foundation in “Joy in a Toy” Christmas celebration for underprivileged children

myNEWS strives to reduce carbon footprints which is destroying our environment. Hence, myNEWS’ efforts in preserving the environment focus on energy consumption, waste management, recycling and reusing. To reduce energy consumption, staff in myNEWS office switch off the lights and air-conditioners when they are not needed. Hand-dryers are available in the washrooms to reduce the usage of paper towels. We use energy saving light bulbs and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs to promote energy conservation. To eliminate waste, myNEWS practises recycling of carton boxes as well as other recyclable items in the distribution center. myNEWS is collaborating with experts from recycling industry to implement recycling project. In myNEWS outlets, we run “no plastic bag” campaign. We always encourage our customers to reduce the usage of plastic bag, reuse their tote bags during purchases, and recycle the recyclable items to protect the environment.

Hand dryer usage

Recycling project

Energy conservation

“No plastic bag” campaign